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The Food of Love: Songs for Shakespeare

The Baltimore Consort presents a brand new program featuring its core repertory--music of the Elizabethan era--with songs and consort music from the Shakespeare plays. Soprano Danielle Svonavec performs some of the greatest hits from the Bard's songbook, including "It Was a Lover and his Lass," "Where the Bee Sucks," "Full Fathom Five," and "The Willow Song," and the BC instrumentalists perform dances and consort music related to the plays, using their "exquisite consort" of instruments--lute, cittern, viols, and flute.

Crossing to the New World

Early and Traditional Music in the British Isles, France, and North America

The similarity between the dance and instrumental music of four hundred years ago and much of the folk or popular music of today is striking, but not surprising. The thread of tradition which spun out with the migrations of Scottish and English farmers and artisans, as well as French fur trappers, and missionaries, to the New World has remained unbroken up to the present century. This program follows the paths of dance and balladry from the old world to the new, mixing music from early printed musical sources with that of oral tradition.

Adew Dundee

Early and Traditional Music of Scotland

The "Scotch Humor" has enchanted music lovers for hundreds of years. The BC explores music of Scotland from 400 years ago while also tracing the thread of traditional Scottish Song which followed the migrations of Scottish farmers and artisans to the New World. With soprano Danielle Svonavec.

Adío España

Romances, Villancicos, & Improvisations of Spain, circa 1500

The BC, with countertenor Jose Lemos, presents the stirring Romances and lively Villancicos from this turbulent time when Spain was a land of three cultures—Moorish, Jewish (Sephardic), and Christian. Music from the Palace Songbooks, the courtly composer Juan del Encina, and the books of the vihuelistas.

Gut, Wind, and Wire

Instrumental Music 1500 - 1700

Spruce, maple, boxwood, rosewood, snakewood, sheep’s gut, horses tail, crow’s quill, elephant’s tusk, ram’s horn, and, according to legend, the shell of a tortoise—like the ingredients of a sorcerer’s potion, these once-living remnants of plants, birds, and animals become musical instruments only need our breath or touch to conjure the Muse’s magic. A CD, with illustrations of the instruments is available to prepare students for school appearances.

Wassail, Wassail!

Music for the Yuletide Season

With its always festive cornucopia of instruments — lute, cittern, viols, crumhorns, recorders, rebec and percussion—the Baltimore Consort offers old carols and dance tunes from the British Isles, Germany, France, Spain and the New World. An annual and ever-changing seasonal celebration.

La Rocque ‘n’ Roll

Popular Music of Renaissance France

Chansons, lively dances and rollicking traditional songs contrasting the earthy, the humorous, the elegant, and the sublime arts of 16th-century France.

Cupid’s Cabinet

Love Songs of The British Isles, France, Spain, Italy, and the New World

The Baltimore Consort's annual celebration of Valentine's Day, but appropriate to any season when love is in the air. Amourous and risquè chansons, ballads, and dances, many drawn from the Consort's best-selling "Art of the Bawdy Song."

In a Garden So Green

Renaissance & Traditional Music from England, Scotland, Italy, France, and Spain (4-person show)

A potpourri of early and traditional tunes performed by four of the Baltimore Consort's members.

Custom Programs

The Baltimore Consort can create a program especially for a particular event or audience. Examples:

"The World of Jacob van Eyck" for an exhibit of seventeenth-century art at the National Gallery of Art

"A Trip to Killburn—Playford Country Dance Tunes and their Ballads" for a country-dance ball.

"Spiritual Songs and Dances"for a sacred music festival.